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Taking New Approaches for Your Mental Health

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Intranasal Spravato (Esketamine) Treatment

Spravato (Intranasal Esketamine) is a product introduced and approved by the FDA in 2019 for use in Treatment Resistant Depression in conjunction with an oral anti-depressant, or also for use in Major Depressive Disorder with Suicidal Ideation.  Kansas Mental Health Medicine is a certified treatment center for administering and monitoring of Spravato.

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Intravenous Ketamine Treatment

IV ketamine therapy is a revolutionary therapeutic approach to treating depression and anxiety disorders. Ketamine therapy can be helpful even when other pharmaceuticals have failed. Ketamine is generally safe, well tolerated and can be life-changing for those who respond to it.

Several scientific studies, including those conducted at Yale University and the National Institute of Mental Health, have shown that low dose intravenously administered ketamine can dramatically improve symptoms associated with depression and many anxiety disorders. Often, even when other treatments have failed to provide any relief, IV ketamine is effective.

All new patients have a series of six infusions spaced over two or three weeks. Each infusion is typically 40-60 minutes long, painless, and well tolerated. Most patients experience significant relief during the series and many remain symptom free for extended periods of time following the initial treatment protocol.

At Kansas Mental Health Medicine we take a team approach in administering and monitoring your treatments which we believe also enhances your therapeutic team!

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Medication Management

At Kansas Mental Health Medicine, we also offer more traditional medication management services for patients seeking treatment with oral or injectable psychiatric medications for their mental illnesses. We also offer Genetic Testing in cases where more personalized prescribing is needed.

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